We believe that follow up is important. Cascadia PHP/concrete5con was an awesome way to connect with the community back in September, but its November now and weve mostly had our head down working on projects.

Theres been some good legwork started on things that will benefit the community. Im not going to spend time writing them up here or make you suffer through reading a long post. Instead Im announcing that were bringing back a routine face-to-face video chance to connect with the core team. It wont have the same polish and pacing as the old weekly Totally Random shows, but it will be great none then less.

The first Tuesday of every month were going to sit down, turn google hangouts on, and open up about what we know is going on. This is a great chance to help us see things were missing, learn what were working on next, show off something cool youre building - you name it. If you enjoyed hanging out at Cascadia PHP as much as we did, this should make perfect sense to you. If you were unable to make it to Portland, this will be the same vibes with less beer.

Wed love it if you join us next Tuesday at 9:30am Pacific.

Tuesday, November 6

9:30 10:30am Pacific

(Monthly on the first Tuesday)

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