A Single Sign On (SSO) Provider that uses PIV/CAC cards for authentication. It is a stand alone Concrete site itself so it’s easy to run in a similar environment to your other Concrete websites. It centralizes both authentication and authorization for any other Concrete sites you connect to it.

  • Requires CAC cards and joins them to user accounts.

  • Connects to multiple Concrete sites.

  • Allows you to manage who has access to specific sites and groups within those sites from a centralized location.

  • Single installation can power unlimited number of users, unlimited number of connected sites.

  • Can import users from an existing Concrete site.

  • Includes up to 4 hours of consulting time for setup and configuration.

CAC Authentication for Concrete is included as a service in subscription hosting for Government sites. It also can be delivered as on-premises software you can manage in your own IT environment with our support for an annual fee.