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Common Problems:

  • Do you find yourself emailing and slacking links to important documents all the time?
  • Does saving a file to SharePoint feel like locking it in a vault where it will never be found?


  • Build your destination HR Intranet or Portal in Concrete CMS and you can ensure your communications are reaching your entire hybrid workforce.
  • Empower every employee and track who has seen which assets. Achieve your greatest HR goals and scale your operational efficiency.

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Used by The Civilian Senior Leader Management Office (CSLMO) to manage content across The Army Senior Executive Portal, Concrete has been issued a Certificate of Networthiness and PortlandLabs has a CAGE number - We're ready to help.


Learn how The Army Senior Executive Portal increased its usage to 150% due to its new user-friendly interface and improved functionality. Over 20 paragraphs of new content were added to the Training & Development section, and over 25% of SES officers updated their profile data in the first week.

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Army Senior Executive Portal Army Senior Executive Portal Learn how the Army Senior Executive Portal increased usage 150%

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Because the system is a pleasure to use for our authors, our content is fresher.
Stefan Glut Online Communications Officer, BASF Corporation

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Personalize Employee Experiences Using HR Tools

Personalize Employee Experiences Using HR Tools

  • Deliver exceptional Intranet experiences to your employees.
  • Provide new hires with the proper onboarding to grow.
  • Tailor content & news based on user roles.



communicate with clarity

  • Target content to the right people through an Intranet they love.
  • Establish a single source of truth.
  • Unite people on key company announcements and new initiatives.
  • Track engagement; know who saw what, and when.



Make Employee Communication a Priority With your Human Resources System
Engage All Employees using HR Software Regardless of Location

HR is the heart of your company

  • Centralize All Training Materials and HR Policies
    • Ensure all your HR documents are easily accessible in one place.
    • Create a single source of truth for your workforce.
  • Structure and Streamline New Employee Onboarding
    • Simplify the onboarding process with organized, step-by-step guides.
    • Ensure new hires have access to all necessary resources from day one.


Make Employee Communication a Priority With Your Human Resources System


Engage All Employees Using HR Software Regardless of Location

  • Mobile-First Design
    • Ensure your intranet is easily accessible on any device.
    • Allow employees to stay connected even when they are on the go.
  • Engaging Digests
    • Create visually appealing news and updates with drag-and-drop templates.
    • Keep your team informed with regular updates and important announcements.
  • Appealing News Feeds
    • Build engaging news feeds to keep your employees updated on company news.
    • Customize content based on user roles and preferences.
HR App On Mobile to Reach Employees Anywhere

50% of large enterprise employees will be unable to identify an intranet homepage for their company by 2025.


“Reset Your Intranet Strategy to Advance Digital Workplace Goals”, Jim Murphy, Gene Phifer, February 1, 2022.

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Why do thousands trust & love Concrete CMS?


Easy To Use HR Intranet Content

Easy-to-use CMS

  • Ability to create a wide variety of page layouts.
  • Templates to keep content creation simple.
  • Drag-and-drop design elements. No coding required.



security, privacy & compliance

  • Enterprise-grade security.
  • Used by Fortune 500 & U.S. Government.
  • Manage user permissions & confidentiality.
  • ISO:27001 / SOC 2 / HIPAA Certified.


Security for HR Intranet
Open Source HR Intranet

Open Source

  • Flexible and highly customizable.
  • No vendor lock-in or user-based licensing.
  • Own your own codebase.




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A human resource management system automates and manages various HR processes, including employee data management, payroll, recruitment, benefits administration, performance management, and compliance.

Yes, examples include multinational corporations like Home Depot The US ARMY and small businesses are streamlining their HR processes.

The best HR management systems are user-friendly, scalable, and customizable, such as our comprehensive HRMS.


The purpose of an HR system is to streamline HR processes, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with labor laws.

The 4 HRM systems are Employee Data Management, Payroll and Benefits Administration, Recruitment and Onboarding, and Performance Management.

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System, which is another term for HRMS that emphasizes the information management aspect.

The 3 HR systems are Operational HRMS, Tactical HRMS, and Strategic HRMS.

The five basic functions are recruitment, development, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations.

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System.