Managing your brand's digital assets in a system where others can always get to the latest and greatest file is important for keeping your organization running smoothly. The fully free and open source DAM built on top of Concrete CMS gives you everything you'd expect from a digital asset management system, but it's running on top of a fully functional Concrete CMS site as well. This lets you use our award winning web content management tools to build out best practices pages, a blog showing assets proper use in the wild, or any other organic content pages you want. 

  • Organize images, documents, or any file into Assets with searchable metadata. 

  • Assets can be organized into multiple Collections. 

  • Users get Lightboxes to group Assets together for projects.

  • Bulk upload to quickly add and organize many files at once. 

  • Seamlessly integrates with Google Vision AI to automatically tag assets. 

  • Drop box functionality to make it easy to share large files.

The Digital Asset Management package for Concrete CMS runs on a clean Concrete install and can be downloaded for free from Github. If you'd like some help setting it up and maintaining it for your organization, we'd love to get in touch!