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We're here to build a web for the greatest good, and we want to be sure you're getting the answers you're looking for. Help us help you faster by picking the right group to contact from these choices:

  • Information Request - If you've got a question about Concrete CMS that a sales person can answer, we're always happy to give you a straight answer quickly. 
  • Hosting Customers Support - If you're hosting a site here with us (PortlandLabs the company behind Concrete CMS) you can ask us technical questions here.
    (Note: If we're not your hosting provider, we can't really offer much help.
    You should contact the company you're paying to host our free software. )

  • Security - If you're reporting a security issue you've discovered, or just have a question you want out Chief Information Security Officer to personally hear. 
  • Personal Information Takedown - Request we remove all information about you.
  • Everything Else - If there's something else you feel like we should know, reach out to the right people using this form.