The Next Marketplace

The Next Marketplace

May 17, 2024
by frz

Welcome to the Future of Concrete CMS!

Built from the ground up, our new marketplace is easier to connect to your site, provides comprehensive information about the entire Concrete ecosystem, and introduces a "Try Before You Buy" feature to help you make informed decisions.

Brand New

Tailored for website owners, developers, and creative professionals alike, our marketplace offers high-quality themes, add-ons, and integrations with SaaS platforms. Whether you’re building content-driven web applications or looking for robust hosting options, our marketplace has you covered.

Our new marketplace also includes:

  • Hosting Options: Seamlessly integrate hosting with your Concrete CMS projects.

  • Links to Platforms: Explore platforms built on top of Concrete for enhanced functionality.

  • Service Partner Directory: Easily find trusted partners to help you succeed with your web projects.

Try Before You Buy

Free Demos on SaaS Hosting!

Our "Try Before You Buy" feature lets you test extensions on our SaaS hosting platform before making a purchase. This ensures that you can confidently choose the right tools for your needs.

  • Risk-Free Evaluation: Experience firsthand what an extension does and how it works, reducing the uncertainty of software investments.

  • Managed Core Upgrades: Opt for SaaS hosting to avoid the hassle of updating your Concrete CMS sites, ensuring everything runs smoothly without ongoing maintenance worries.

What This Means Today


Upgrade to the most recent 9.3.x version.

Connect to the new Market from your site's Extend page. Here's a detailed walkthrough. 

Your version 9 purchases will be there to reconnect to your site and get updates.


The new marketplace will no longer support extensions for Concrete v8. We are focusing on critical security updates for v8, so selling new extensions for this platform is no longer viable. Version 8 extensions been rarely updated for some time, so your existing websites should continue to work fine. If you need access to an unused license you purchased in the past, please contact us with details about your purchase and needs. 


If you’ve purchased v9.X extensions in the past, we’ve moved your license history to the new site. You should be able to connect your Concrete 9.3 install to the community and automatically install and update. We’ve included at least 90 days of support & updates for every existing license, up to the full 12 months from purchase for anyone who has purchased recently. 


Nothing. You can keep the copy of the extension you bought a year ago for as long as you want. You simply won’t get any new updates and you won’t get any support from the developers for that extension. 

This is a stronger commitment than what we’ve offered in the past when a one-time license fee bought you the current copy of the extension and 30 days of support.


Check it out!

Start exploring the new Concrete CMS Marketplace today and discover how it can transform your web projects!

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