Back to School with Concrete CMS - Unveiling Concrete-Powered School Websites

Back to School with Concrete CMS - Unveiling Concrete-Powered School Websites

Sep 5, 2023
by jessicadunbar

In education, the digital age has brought about a transformation in the way schools connect with their communities. As the first day of school unfolds in the United States, students and educators embark on a journey of learning and growth, marked by excitement and new beginnings. School websites, built using various Content Management Systems (CMS), serve as vital platforms for disseminating information, engaging students and parents, and showcasing the institution's values. On this special day, let's explore a selection of school websites that have been crafted using Concrete CMS, highlighting the importance of effective online presence in the education sector.

Kelston Primary School


Kelston Primary School's website is a testament to their commitment to transparency and communication. With features like news updates, event calendars, and resource access, the website bridges the gap between the school and its stakeholders, fostering a sense of community involvement.

Western CUSD #12


The website of Western CUSD #12 highlights the versatility of Concrete CMS in an educational setting. With quick access to school information, staff directories, and academic resources, and RFP information the website enhances connectivity and engagement for the school community.

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Office of Education - Will Roe


The Office of Education's website, managed by Concrete CMS, underscores the importance of a professional online presence. Through clear navigation and information dissemination, the website communicates the office's role in education and support.

St. Ecgwin's CE Middle School 

St. Ecgwin's CE Middle School's website embodies the power of Concrete CMS in presenting a comprehensive overview of the institution. By showcasing student achievements, event updates, and curriculum information, the website fosters engagement and inclusivity, updates, and curriculum information, the website fosters engagement and inclusivity.

Wentworth Primary School

Wentworth Primary School's website exemplifies the role of Concrete CMS in creating an organized and informative digital hub. Through sections like newsletters, calendars, and parent resources, the school nurtures collaboration and involvement.

Band of Knights


The Band of Knights website highlights the creativity of Concrete CMS in diverse educational contexts. With features like performance schedules, news updates, and multimedia galleries, the website engages students and the broader community.


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School and Education websites are vital tools for building relationships, sharing information, and showcasing institutional values. Concrete CMS empowers educational institutions to create engaging digital spaces that promote collaboration, communication, and community involvement. As technology continues to shape education, effective online presence remains a cornerstone of successful schools, especially on this important first day of the academic year.