Why Library Websites Choose Concrete CMS

Why Library Websites Choose Concrete CMS

Apr 29, 2024
by jessicadunbar

In the age where digital fluency is as vital as the written word, libraries are emerging as community beacons for engagement and learning. The digital evolution of libraries extends beyond digitized archives; it encompasses a complete revitalization of their web presence to align with contemporary needs for accessibility, efficiency, and interactive service. Amidst this digital renaissance, libraries are upgrading to sophisticated web content management systems to heighten user interaction and operational prowess.

User-Friendly Design and Accessibility

At the core of library digitization is a commitment to user-friendly design and access for all. Concrete CMS excels here with in-context editing, liberating librarians from cumbersome management interfaces. This hands-on editing tool simplifies content updates and embodies the spirit of accessibility by breaking down the technological barriers between librarians and their mission.

Concrete CMS goes beyond ease of use; it champions inclusivity by ensuring ADA compliance, making library websites navigable for a diverse audience. For detailed insights into web accessibility standards and the advantages they bring to businesses, consider the guidance provided by Concrete CMS's guide on accessible navigation and the broader implications of web accessibility explained in their article, "What is Web Accessibility and Why it Matters for Better Business Visibility".

Robust Security Features

Security is a non-negotiable aspect of modern library web hosting. Concrete CMS answers this call with fortified hosting solutions validated by adoption from security-conscious organizations, including military entities. Libraries that choose Concrete CMS can do so with confidence, assured their patrons' data, and their digital resources are shielded against cyber threats.

Compliance and Peace of Mind

Concrete CMS's intrinsic compliance capabilities offer libraries the framework to proactively meet diverse regulatory requirements. This anticipatory approach to cybersecurity, paired with compliance with standards like ADA, assures libraries that their digital ecosystem is both secure and respectful of privacy and accessibility mandates.

Collaboration and Workflow Management

The collaborative essence of library operations is mirrored in the workflow and permissions system of Concrete CMS. This facilitates a clear, controlled, and cooperative process for managing digital content, empowering library teams to maintain an efficient and organized digital presence. 

Real-World Successes with Concrete CMS

Greenfield Iowa Public Library (greenfield.lib.ia.us)

A paragon of streamlined design, facilitating effortless access to resources and community information.

Greenfield Iowa Public Library.jpg


Rock Valley Public Library (rockvalley.lib.ia.us):

A rejuvenated online space, showcasing the extensible nature of Concrete CMS.

Rock Valley Public Library.jpg


Davenport Public Library (davenportlibrary.com):

A portal adept in managing substantial content, offering seamless user experiences.

Davenport Public Library.jpg


Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library (library.villanova.edu):

A sophisticated digital front catering to intricate academic demands.

Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library.jpg


State Library of Iowa (statelibraryofiowa.gov):

An expansive network hub, embodying the comprehensive management prowess of Concrete CMS.

State Library of Iowa.jpg

Each of these libraries' digital advancements, powered by Concrete CMS, demonstrate the platform's versatility and commitment to providing secure, vibrant, and resource-abundant online spaces for library communities.