The CPA (Armenian Heritage Center)

The CPA (Armenian Heritage Center)

Developed by 6tematik

The Cpa (Armenian Heritage Center) is a cultural facility of the Culture and Heritage Department of Valencia Romans Agglo created in 2005 by the city of Valencia.

The Cpa received a facelift with an updated museum, new physical spaces, and a more extensive exhibition. A new website, more modern and in the image of this place was therefore essential.


The primary objectives of the website being to find information easily, 6tematik had thought about an ergonomics and a logical tree structure which facilitate navigation by structuring information and numerous contents as well as possible.

In addition to presenting the place, its approach, and its exhibitions, this website is designed as a real resource space adapted to each Internet user and accessible to all.

Design Strategy

6tematik set out, as recommended by the existing charter, to energize the Cpa site by geometric shapes, adorned with a dense colored range, to which the passage of the mouse gives life by triggering a discreet animation. The overlapping and transparency of the blocks soften the overall design and bring a warm and friendly side that echoes the atmosphere of the place.

To help differentiate its pages and sections, they have developed a system of colored themes that make it possible to assign a pair of colors to each page, which will automatically apply to all internal elements that require it.


Reception: First Exhibition

The reception of the site was thought of as an exhibition whose subject would be the Cpa itself.

In the same way that the place shelters temporary exhibitions in addition to a permanent exhibition, the home page mixes news from the Cpa (current exhibitions, news, upcoming events) with more lasting information such as the presentation of the permanent exhibition, the highlighting of the "new Cpa", and practical information.

Full of various events, the Cpa's agenda is clear and practical.

6tematik thus presented the list of events in a very readable, refined manner, and allowed fine filtering of these via a search system making it possible to limit the visible list to a precise date, a theme, or a set of keywords.

CPA Agenda Veiw
Cpa website screenshot

Complete Archives

The Cpa archives the collections of photos, objects, and works of art created thanks to donations from individuals and wanted some of these collections to be available online. With the number of documents that these collections potentially represent, it was essential that these archives be the result of extensive ergonomic reflection. For its speed of navigation, 6tematik has developed a module based on an intelligent search engine, which lists documents by domain, period, and allows a search by keywords and an almost instantaneous display of the results. They now browse the documents with ease despite the number of files presented.

Mobile phone with website

Mobile First

To meet the mobile market, which is now predominant, the Cpa site is optimized for display on smartphones and is fully responsive. Regardless of the viewport on which the website is displayed, the user experience is always optimal.

Autonomous Mini-Sites

The Cpa wanted to be able to create mini-sites to better communicate about certain significant events. 6tematik has developed a system allowing them, independently, to create these event mini-sites, provided with their own tree structure and their own content, all modifiable at their leisure. Each mini-site can thus, like the pages of the main site, be assigned a theme of colors to distinguish it, while retaining the visual identity of the Cpa.

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