Brand New!

Tailored for website owners, developers, and creative professionals alike, our new marketplace offers high-quality themes, add-ons, and integrations to SaaS platforms to help you build content driven web applications with ease. 

The new marketplace also includes hosting options, links to platforms built on top of Concrete, and an easy to use service partner directory so you really can find everything you need to make your web project a success with Concrete CMS. 

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Try Before You Buy

Free Demos on SaaS Hosting!

Free Demos on SaaS Hosting!

The Concrete CMS Marketplace offers a new "Try Before You Buy" feature, allowing users to take extensions for a trial run on our SaaS hosting before committing to a purchase. 

Use it to quickly check out an extension for free. If you like what you build, host it on our SaaS platform and never worry about updating Concrete again!

  • Risk-Free Evaluation: Eliminate the uncertainty of software investments. Make more informed purchasing decisions by experiencing firsthand what an extension does and how it works. 
  • Managed Core Upgrades: Skip the hassle of updating your Concrete CMS sites. Choose SaaS hosting for projects where you just need things to work without ongoing worry. 
Josh Bender
This is very exciting! Congratulations for making it this far - the new marketplace looks great - more modern, easy to navigate - Concrete users are going to be thrilled. It also makes a more compelling story for potential users who want to find add-ons and themes quickly and easily.
Josh Bender Developer

What this means today

A few things are changing right now, so integration with the marketplace will be easier in the future:

For Concrete v9.x...

You need to upgrade to version 9.2.9, released on May 7th, 2024. This is an interim step that prepares your site to integrate with the new Marketplace when we release 9.3 later in May. This would be a great time to check for any updates to add-ons/themes that are available and install them before we swap the marketplace out. 

for concrete v8.x...

The new marketplace will no longer sell or support extensions for Concrete v8. We're only providing critical security updates for v8 at this point, so selling new extensions for that platform feels like a step backwards. 

You should double check to see if there any updates available to your add-ons/themes for v8 now. Once the new marketplace launches, you will be unable to get to these old packages.