As a developer, you can build up a good reputation, as no support is needed. This also means satisfied customers and many recommendations

The heart of every project

The platform-independent and barrier-free system Concrete CMS ( is used for all our projects. All pages are implemented into a CMS system to guarantee easy editing. It is a modular on-page editing system that offers enormous usability advantages. It enables changes to be made directly with a click of the mouse on the website, which are immediately visible on the screen are. Editing on mobile devices is even possible.

As soon as the system has been explained to the customer and he is familiar with the system, he will also know how to make changes at the page and how to create new pages with just one click.

The system is very intuitive and self-explanatory so it is extremely easy to edit pages or create new pages.

Even if the customer wants to make changes after a year, he knows how to do it. Once the customer knows how to edit he will always know it. 

Admin notes can be stored in the system while the user is logged in, so you can provide additional instructions. 

The system can be set up in such a way that it leaves no questions unanswered for the customer. Some processes also can be automated, so that the user no longer has to worry about it

The single point of failure can also be reduced to a minimum.

As a developer I appreciate the following things:

Plugins & Addons

You can use the best working and famous Javascript Plugins worldwide and also can implement them in the system without any dependencies. So the customer take advantage of the best functionality and the easiest editing. The user does not have to leave the frontend so not to lose track. 


The built-in calendar is very powerful and saves much time, because you do not have to program it yourself. This calendar comes with many functions and you can expand it without any limitations. 

Express Dataobjects

For all other purposes the system can not cover you can use Express Dataobjects. They are really easy to understand for customers but also for the developer to implement. 


Customers always want the feeling that they can control the whole system. This means that they want to edit the whole site, can also add new pages to the system and change the structure to their needs. Concrete CMS is all about this. So you can give the necessary permissions they need, but limited the user that he only sees the information he wants to see. 

This CMS is the perfect example of how usability works, but not only for the user but also for the developer.


New templates can be created easily and with very little effort for the developer. 

This is very important for the customer, as once the system has been set up and the basic design guidelines has been decided, new templates does not incur any high costs.

All areas that the developer wants to be editable will be provided with a little code segment. In this area any content can be added. Regardless of whether text, images, image galleries, contact forms or anything else. Every Block can be added within this area. 

No limits

With version 9 it is also possible to create Containers. So you can drag & drop the predefined layouts in any area you want to. Once you have added a Container you can fill this areas with content respectively any blocks installed. 

The designer can decide how it looks like and the user can put together own designs and unique content. 

With no other CMS is this possible. So there are no limitations for the user. This is very unique!!! This has enormous usability advantages, because there is no need to leave the frontend. 

More Advantages

  • Authorized users can use their password and username to make changes live and publish them immediately. 
  • Thanks to the modularity, blocks can easily be added, removed, copied or pasted. There is even a clipboard to continue using existing blocks. 
  • If desired, changes are immediately visible and can be published or temporarily saved with one click. 
  • Every change is saved as a version with any comment. You can even return to the initial version. 
  • Content can be easily moved to the desired position using drag & drop. 
  • The system can be operated intuitively and is self-explanatory. 
  • Users can easily be created and added to user groups. 
  • Users are blocked if another user is making a change. 
  • Easy on-page-editing. 
  • If the customer uses drag & drop to drag an image from the digital camera onto the website, the original image of 15 MB, for example, doesn't have to be used on the frontend. When uploading, the image is automatically limited to a certain size and resolution. In addition, preview images are generated in one go within seconds, they are automatically cut and a sensible section is selected in order to optimize them for the mobile view as well.

It is easy, flexible, scaleable, secure, efficient, fast and powerful. 

- By Georg Ertl : Turquoise-Digital


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