Hello concrete5 friends.

We believe computers are a great communication tool.

We know managing images and files is a central part of sharing information online, and we know our file manager can be improved. In the last few versions of concrete5 we’ve worked hard on making sure it’s full of features; now it’s time to give it some polish and make it work better.


Gary’s on our team to help visualize the details. The tremendous user experience of the concrete5 community is out there waiting to inform our work. I believe with some reasonably easy incremental interface improvements and some simple bug fixes we can make the file manager much easier to use.

Our process starts right now with this post. If you’d like to reach out to us directly with any feedback on the file manager, please fill out the form below. We know of some bugs and behaviors that drive us crazy on our projects, but we’d love know what you think. If you can donate some testing time, we’ll put your info in the mix for user personas, testing, and research.

We’ll aggregate your reports in with the rest of the GitHub issues, forum posts, and bug tracker posts that have accumulated over the years. That will all be curated into one nice master document which we will review in a live streamed design meeting.

A clean updated list of issues will be created in GitHub. We’ll continue to live stream design meetings where we review the ideas and progress towards a clear and complete buildable vision for file manager.

All of this will happen in Github with the design meeting really being a progress summary for everyone. There will be lots of opportunities to contribute code to the solutions we explore together.

This is just one of many exciting new things that are all happening at once here with concrete5. It’s a great low risk/high reward place to get some new design processes worked out with the community and our growing team!

Thanks again for all your passion and feedback gang, we really appreciate it.

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