We are proud to announce our Level II Designer Certification is here!

Our priority is to offer a valuable certification program to maintain high quality standards. Certification exams follow accepted industry standards to test technical knowledge and skills needed to build custom templates.

Businesses that utilize Concrete5 are seeking more expertise in the workplace and a way to validate skills. When you earn our certifications, youre obtaining them from the Concrete5 core team.

How it works

The level II certification is a two step process. Step one of the Level II certification is a multiple choice test. Step two is a code review of a theme.

The Level II certification exam costs $195. Once you have registered for the Level II certification you will receive an email with the multiple choice test and submission instructions for the code review.

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If you'd like to be one in the community to be certified as a level II, be sure to register!


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Andrew is working through adding new developer documentation and the Level III Developer certification. The developer Level III certification will be launching soon.

Special Thank You

The core team would like to thank the following people for helping test and write the certification test. Your time and expertise were greatly appreciated as we further develop our certification tests.

  • Serene Miles
  • Ramon Leenders
  • Tim Macknelly
  • Andrew Jenkins
  • Craig Schneider