Concrete CMS presents web resources for writers at upcoming Wordstock Festival

Portland , OR The first annual Wordstock book festival commences this April 19th through 24th in the South Wing of the Oregon Convention Center. Along with featuring prominent authors like Norman Mailer, John Irving, and Alice Sebold, the festival will also provide several workshop sessions for teachers and aspiring writers alike.

Concrete CMS, a web application provider and presenting sponsor of the Wordstock Festival, will lead two symposiums, Friday at 10am and Sunday at 11am, detailing what the web can do for writers Representatives from Concrete CMS will be available to answer questions throughout the festival's duration at a booth near the Powell's stage. "The web is a great place for tomorrow's authors," says Franz Maruna, Director of Concrete CMS. "From simply reaching a larger audience with critique groups and blogging, to experimenting with non-linear story telling in hypertext documents, the internet is changing the way people write."

The discussions will cover the scope of resources available to writers online today, as well as defining and explaining the roles and relationships of nebulous concepts like blogs, wikis, and content management.

All proceeds from Wordstock will benefit Community of Writers, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps facilitate the teaching of writing in Portland's public schools. To register, go to