We need your help getting more reviews out there.

Nothing is stronger than word of mouth, and reviews are an important part of any buying process. We want authentic posts that are clear about not just the pros, but the occasional con too. We know our marketplace isn't as big as WordPress’s. It’s fair that newer features under the hood that need better documentation. No system is without it’s real challenges, and we want you to be flattering but frank in your review.

We recognize this takes real time, and time is money. That’s why we’re digging deep to show you how much this means to us. There’s 5 sites below that could all use your compelling review. Some of them are offering their own incentives, so you’ll get paid as you go. To top that, for anyone who fills all 5 review sites out and submits proof will earn $100 in marketplace credit

Here's the list of targets, a few of these are giving their own rewards right now too!






If you're an employee of PortlandLabs, no cash for you. Everyone else is fair game however. If you're a client, partner, freelancer, active community leader - that's great, we could please use your help on this. 

Feel free to request cash payout if you don't need anything from the marketplace, I'm just happy to have your reviews out there. 

This offer is good through the end of February or until I've spent $10,000 - whichever comes first. 

Once your reviews are all posted, take screenshots and post them below for proof. 

Thank you!

3/2/21 Edit: We've extended this until March 7th

3/22/21 Edit: This campaign is over, thank you for the help getting our reviews in shape everyone. If you have the time, we really appreciate the review - but we are no longer paying above what these third party sites pay on their own.