Oookay! Exciting stuff is coming together.


So you have clearly heard the word about Cascadia PHP as concrete5 community leaders from all around the world are coming to Portland this September 2018.

It’s an international gathering and we’re flattered to say the least.

Cascadia PHP is a fully-featured, dynamic PHP event with lots of interesting speakers that have nothing to do with concrete5. We’re going to do a session on DevOps and we’re going to do a community show-and-tell session where folks can talk about something they’ve built with concrete5 for a few minutes each. This isn’t a concrete5 training conference. That said, we’re going to augment the two days of Cascadia PHP sessions with things that folks who love concrete5 will enjoy.

As most people are coming in the day before, we’re planning on hosting a happy hour on the evening of the 13th so everyone gets a chance to put some faces to names and say hello.

Friday the 14th will be a full day of sessions, but once folks have had a chance to decompress we’re going to provide some food and spend a few hours doing some real concrete5 planning and discussions. We’ll talk about what we’re doing next in the core and what our plans are for the community site. We’ll discuss what the future holds for concrete5 and PortlandLabs. 

Saturday the 15th is also a full day of sessions, after which we’re planning on shuttling anyone who is interested over to our new offices to see where the magic happens. We’re looking at turning that into a fun adventure with some entertainment, we just need to get a better sense of headcount before we make any final plans there. It’ll be a good time.

So if you’re thinking about coming, please sign up now at You still save some money with the early bird special, but act soon. If you’re interested in meeting these active community members and connecting with the core team, you should come to Portland for Cascadia PHP this September 2018.

See you soon!