It's a shameful secret: one of those most highly viewed areas of wasn't powered by concrete at all! You know those help and news sections on the front page of the C5 dashboard? Those were powered by an RSS feed, provided by a blog living at, which was built out of Wordpress. Not so any longer! Now, those live at our [update center](, where they will be much more closely integrated with the site. They'll be searchable through, and your user account can make comments on them as well as the forums, with one centralized login.

Is it embarrassing to use someone else's product for certain things that could be carried out by your own? Not at all. That's what open source is about: using the best tool for the job. Our own [corporate blog]( is powered by Wordpress. Open source is also about hitting the ground running, which is why we first launched using great tools like Dokuwiki, Wordpress and SourceForge.
But sometimes those tools have to be phased out in favor of your own. We needed a way for all our content entries, whether they were updates, documentation pages, bugs and feature requests or forum posts, to be searched via Furthermore, the unified login system is very nice. And finally, our blog was easily getting hundreds of spam comments per day. I'm not going to be missing those.
See you online! Andrew