In the last week or two, many countries and companies have put in place aggressive sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

PayPal no longer lets us send funds to marketplace developers from these countries. Upwork is pulling operations May 1st. It’s becoming complicated to do business with Russia and Belarus. 

Our mission is to “build a web for the greatest good.”

Thus we give our core software away for free. We try to encourage a decentralized approach to the web where we don’t have to depend on mega-platforms owned & run by single entities to share their ideas with one another. We strive to be curious, equitable, useful, kind, truthful and persistent.

We feel the need to clarify some policies and respond to changing geopolitical events:

  1. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding violent content and hate speech on our servers. 

  2. Our forums are not a place for political debate. There’s plenty of other places on the internet where you can discuss your views on politics. Expect any content of this nature to be removed from our servers.  

  3. We are suspending add-ons & themes from our marketplace that were developed by Russian or Belarusian residents. We’ll be happy to add these back when the time is right. 

  4. We will continue to serve traffic to Russian & Belarusian IPs from our sites and offer our free CMS for download.

  5. We will continue to deliver extensions to Russian and Belarusian customers if possible.

  6. We’ll accept Github pull requests and how-to documentation from anyone with the same review process and gratitude we always have. 

These decisions are subject to change with no notice in the future. We have always had positive experiences with developers from all of these countries, these policies are precautionary and in reaction to larger geopolitical events. We sincerely hope that peace can come to Ukraine and everyone from every country in our community can get back to living their lives and making the world a better place for tomorrow.