uXcomm came to Concrete with a problem. They needed a front-end web application that was fast, powerful, and able to convey large amounts of information. This custom management interface was needed to handle large arrays of server hardware. The application was built using Java Server Pages (JSP), and Javascript, a client-side scripting language. Our application connected to uXcomm's Java applets using SXML. The application was built to use AJAX whenever possible.

The software development process took advantage of the Extreme Programming methodology. This methodology encourages adapting to changing requirements at any point during the project life cycle, and is a more realistic than attempting to define everything in detail at the beginning of a project. Extreme Programming makes fixes and future development easier, particularly on short timeline projects.

The uXcomm application posed a hard problem. The organization needed a very complex application in a short amount of time. The initial application was delivered in four weeks, and the complete working version with in ten weeks, making uXcomm very satisfied with Concrete.