At Enhanced Books, users get the chance to experience audio and video content for books, akin to an extras menu on a DVD. With the release of their newest book, Reckless Road: Guns ‘n Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction, the owners of Enhanced Books felt that their site needed a major overhaul.

A sleek new look led the way into Enhanced Books' web makeover. The Flash book reader, one of the key aspects of the site, was made larger and easier to read, with a completely redesigned media menu and player for photos, audio clips, and videos. Users can create and personalize their own profiles, complete with a "My Library" function integrated with an ISBN database to collect and display the books that they own. Each book has a series of permissions to allow visitors to have a "Freview" of the book and get a sample of the extras available before they buy it and enter their Enhanced Book code. Concrete also developed a unique serial number verification system specifically for Reckless Road Enhanced Books users.

"I grew up listening to Guns ‘n Roses, so getting a chance to work with all of this unreleased material from their early days was a personal dream come true," says Franz Maruna, CEO of Concrete Websites. "When some of the cool community features we're working on get released for this site, it's going to really change the place of the book in our daily lives."