Best Restaurant Websites: and Real World Examples

Best Restaurant Websites: and Real World Examples

Jun 7, 2024
by jessicadunbar

Running a successful restaurant is about more than just the food – it's about providing an exceptional experience from start to finish. Today, that experience begins online. When potential customers search for your restaurant, your website is often their first impression. Is your website appetizing enough to draw them in? If not, Concrete CMS might be just what you need to elevate your online presence.

The Power of a Great Restaurant Website

Imagine a potential customer searching for a place to eat. They find your restaurant’s website. What do they see? An appealing, easy-to-navigate site showcasing your delicious dishes and offering seamless reservations? Or a cluttered, outdated page that frustrates rather than entices?

A well-designed website can be the difference between a new loyal customer and a lost opportunity. Here's how Concrete CMS can help you make that first impression count.

Key Features for Restaurants

Concrete CMS is perfect for mid-market organizations that need a secure, easy-to-use website solution. Here’s why it’s a great choice for your restaurant:

  • In-Context Editing: Quickly update your menu, post new promotions, and share special events. Concrete CMS’s intuitive editing tools make it simple to keep your content fresh without needing technical expertise.
  • Restaurant Templates: Make any design your own using the Style Editor. Personalize fonts, colors, and layouts to create the custom look you want.
  • Security and Compliance: With a platform trusted by major organizations, including parts of the U.S. Army, you can be confident that your customer data is secure.
  • Reservations and Online Ordering: Integrate reservation and ordering systems to streamline the customer experience and boost your revenue.
  • Menu Maker: Easily update your menu to reflect seasonal changes or special events, complete with high-quality images and descriptions to entice customers.
  • SEO Tools: Optimize your site for search engines to drive more traffic and attract more customers.

Concrete CMS isn’t just about making your site look good – it’s about enhancing functionality too. Here are some features that can transform your restaurant’s website:

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Real-World Restaurant Website Examples

Let’s take a look at how various restaurants use their websites to create an appealing online presence:

Oban Fish and Chip Shop:

Showcasing a simple yet effective layout, this website highlights the rich history and delicious offerings of the restaurant.

Oban Fish & Chips.jpg

Gourmet Gang:

With vibrant images and straightforward navigation, this site makes it easy for customers to explore the menu and locations.

Gourmet Gang.jpg

Wudon Noodle Bar:

Featuring an enticing presentation of their menu, this website simplifies the decision-making process for potential customers


Bartolotta Restaurants:

This site emphasizes fine dining with elegant design and detailed information on each restaurant and menu.

Bartalottas Restaurant

Dairy Queen Hampton Roads:

Highlighting promotions and seasonal items, this site is both functional and inviting.DQ.jpg

Lucky Oyster:

A perfect example of a site that combines menu details with a strong visual appeal to draw in seafood lovers.

Lucky Oyster.jpg

Que Mar Cocina:

This vibrant site reflects the lively spirit of the restaurant, featuring mouth-watering images and easy navigation.


Getting Started with Concrete CMS

Ready to take your restaurant’s online presence to the next level? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Determine which features are most important for your website. Do you need a reservation system, an online menu maker, or perhaps a blog to share your restaurant’s story?
  2. Explore Concrete CMS: To learn more about the platform, create a demo, and how it can be customized to fit your needs.
  3. Build and Launch: Use the intuitive tools and templates provided by Concrete CMS to create a website that truly reflects your brand. If you need assistance, there are plenty of tutorials and a supportive community to help you.


In today’s competitive market, having a robust, user-friendly website is essential. Concrete CMS offers the tools and support you need to create a site that not only looks great but also provides a seamless experience for your customers. So, why wait? Start building your dream website today and watch your restaurant’s online presence flourish.

By featuring images of your delectable dishes, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and happy customers, you can make your website as inviting as your restaurant itself. Remember, your website is the digital front door to your business – make sure it’s welcoming!