How Heineken Overcame Coordination Challenges in a Large-Scale Photo Shoot

How Heineken Overcame Coordination Challenges in a Large-Scale Photo Shoot

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Heineken had commissioned De Webmakers / Bizzvu to make a 360-degree Google Trusted Streetview photo shoot at all catering establishments participating in Heineken's Optimal Online program. However, managing such a large project with numerous shoots, photographers, customers, and administrative processing posed a significant challenge.


Without an efficient system to manage the project, Heineken's project would have been near impossible to execute. The lack of coordination and organization would have caused delays, inefficiencies, and errors in managing the shoots, photographers, and customer data.


De Webmakers / Bizzvu developed an app and backend system that allowed Heineken's account managers to place assignments in their app while on the road, after which the assignments were entered into the system. The app calculated the geographical locations and suggested other appointments so that the day could be arranged efficiently for the photographers. The photographers could update the status of the assignments via the app, and the backend calculated the exact invoice to be sent to the customers once a month.


The app and backend system enabled Heineken to manage the project efficiently and effectively, resulting in successful completion of the 360-degree Google Trusted Streetview photo shoot project. The system allowed Heineken to save time and money by streamlining the entire process, from assigning shoots to invoicing. The Concrete5 CMS and responsive web design ensured that the Heineken / Bizzvu portal was user-friendly and accessible on all devices. Overall, the successful collaboration between Heineken and De Webmakers / Bizzvu allowed Heineken to enhance its customer experience and strengthen its position in the market.


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