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Walk Japan Ltd. is a travel agency that plans and organizes walking tours throughout Japan, in addition to lodging reservations for foreigners visiting Japan. Their website was built with Concrete CMS by a British web production company in 2015. However, there was a communication gap with the production company, and the sense of speed had decreased. When the reservation system went down, there were problems such as the website going down. The challenge was to improve website availability, speed, and customer satisfaction. 


The communication gap with the British production company due to time zone, slow response time, and inability to make simple changes and additions quickly were causing a decrease in customer satisfaction and business credibility. The server down troubles resulted in the loss of business opportunities and credibility, causing a direct impact on Walk Japan's revenue and growth potential.


By partnering with Macareux Digital, Walk Japan saw a dramatic improvement in trust and security, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and improved website availability and display speed. The improvement in browsing time,speed, and stability has enhanced the customer experience and revenue potential for Walk Japan.

Concrete CMS resolved Walk Japan's website maintenance challenges and improved website availability, display speed, and customer satisfaction by:

  • Providing CMS maintenance and an improved website availability, resulting in improved uptime 
  • Shortening lead time for implementing new functions and making changes/improvements.
  • Providing regular meetings to maintain effective communication and adding functions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Providing professional knowledge of the system, the web, and Concrete CMS, resulting in increased trust and security.

Thanks to Macareux Digital's efforts, Walk Japan now has an up-to-date, reliable website that provides a better user experience for their customers. They can now focus on growing their business with confidence, knowing that their website is in good hands.

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