Partner Promise

Everyone knows complicated relationships can get complicated. When we're sharing a customer in any capacity with our Partners, we follow these rules as a fair and consistent way to navigate any delicate issues that may very occasionally come up. We won't promise you mindless fidelity, but we we can be clear about what motivates us and how we make decisions:

  1. We will never suggest another vendor to a customer, unless directly asked by that customer for a suggestion first. 
  2. We always will try to provide additional options to a customer if they ask and we think we can help them find a better fit for their needs.
  3. We are not focused on making revenue through custom services work ourselves. Our goal is to be generating 90% of our revenue through SaaS hosting/support plans. If we ever do accept more than the hosting/support side of a project, it is because we're acting in a lead role for the contract or we can offer some unique value with compliance, security, or best practices. When this does occasionally happen, we're still using Partners for the work, we're just billing through and reviewing code. 
  4. We will work hard to be fair to everyone, we will always be transparent. 
  5. We will always try to keep a client using Concrete CMS if it is a good fit for their challenges.