concrete5 has always made it easy to manage content on your website. With version 8 were adding features to help a group manage a larger web presence and more complex online applications.

Version 8 includes lots of new features. Here's a few of the bigger new features you should know about:

Publish different page versions at specific points in time easily.

Timed content gives editors the ability to schedule content to be published at specified dates and times in the future.

Responsive UI - build once - work everywhere!

Upload photos, edit pages, and manage your website from your phone, iPad, or any device!

Improved editing lets you do more.

Make the user experience easier and giving power to editors with CKEditor. CKEditor is one of the very best text editors on the market.

Find and organize files faster.

If you've had a website for any length of time you know that your files and images gets disorganized really fast. The new Folders for files & stacks make organization fast and easy.

Create custom apps without being a developer.

Express turns forms into relational databases. Express is an easy to use tool to create database applications to help run your website.

Develop Faster

Express lets you build complex strongly typed data objects that join to one another, users, pages, and more.

Dependency Management

New PHP composer approach allows for easy provisioning as part of a complicated stack.

Ready to check it out? Then head over to the download area and test it out.

Supporting Version 7

Version 8 will be backwards compatible with version 7. You will be able to just upgrade your version 7 site with a single button press the way we always did before. This is not a manual migration like we did between legacy version 6 and version 7. No one wants to do that again.

When will version 8 be available?

The general development and release plan looks something like this:

  • A few snapshot releases while things are still in flux.
  • Two beta releases after features and functionality are locked down to really test things out.
  • Release candidates (RCs) to really test things out closer to production environments.
  • Then, the final release!

We could not be more excited about the direction for the coming year and the product launches that have yet to come! Thank you to all of our contributors who work everyday to create the software we all love.

One more thing...

Each of us at concrete5 strives to bring the best personal building experience to editors, creative professionals and developers around the world through its innovative software. We welcome your feedback.

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