Portland Roasting has been roasting coffee and espresso for the Portland community for over 10 years. In addition to a high-quality product, Portland Roasting focuses on sustainability and renewable resources, as well as farm and eco-friendly directives. Their website needed to reflect their commitment to both great coffee and socially-responsible coffee sourcing.

Concrete CMS was essential to the Portland Roasting site, as they have very dynamic content that needs to be updated frequently. The company's sustainability campaign includes farm-specific blogs on the website detailing their news and progress all over the world. By using Concrete CMS, they are able to update these blogs easily and instantly. The Flash sidebar menu contains information about each of the farms in Portland Roasting's Farm-Friendly Direct™ program, including a link to view the farm's location in Google Maps or Google Earth. The top menu is Javascript-driven, and many of the pages on the site contain Javascript image galleries. The shopping cart is linked to a Quickbooks merchant gateway, conveniently creating an invoice every time a customer buys coffee online.

"It was a real pleasure working with Portland Roasting to create a site that better expressed their sustainability efforts," says Franz Maruna, CEO of Concrete. "Our companies both like to make the world a better place, and I'm glad their website is a better place because of Concrete."