Concrete CMS April 2024 Roundup

Concrete CMS April 2024 Roundup

Apr 10, 2024
by jessicadunbar

Hello Concrete CMS enthusiasts! As we navigate the middle of the year, April has been a dynamic month for us, packed with updates and community engagement. Let’s dive into the highlights from this month’s Concrete Town Hall and the latest enhancements that continue to make Concrete CMS a robust choice for your web development needs.

First off, we released updates with version 9.2.8 and 8.5.16. These updates primarily focused on maintenance and security improvements—nothing earth-shattering, but essential nonetheless. It's always a good practice to stay updated, and with these latest versions, upgrading is a breeze with minimal disruption.

Exciting Developments in the Marketplace

The spotlight this month, however, shines on our fervent efforts towards launching the new Marketplace. For those deep in the ecosystem—whether you’re a developer or a service partner—the new Marketplace is poised to transform how you interact with Concrete CMS. Expect new pages and a streamlined process that makes browsing, updating, and purchasing seamless.

If you’ve been involved in testing or have provided feedback, a hearty thank you is in order! Your input is invaluable as we polish this crucial resource for our community.

Community Shoutouts

Community is the cornerstone of Concrete CMS, and this month we’ve seen remarkable contributions that help us all grow together. A special thanks to our code contributors and those diligently reporting issues—your dedication keeps our community vibrant and our platform strong.

Code: ounziw, biplobice

Issues: BloodyIron, bikerdave, TMDesigns, ccmEnlil, moriaiy, ounziw, hissy, jthomas-krs, KnollElias, PixelHeroMedia, katalysis, zpartakov, strandbein, iampedropiedade, marcokuoni, hekokidaiou, Mesuva

Upcoming Features: Sneak Peek into v9.3

Looking ahead, v9.3 is on the horizon and it’s shaping up to be a significant leap forward. The integration with our revamped Marketplace promises a more intuitive user experience and enhanced functionality directly from your dashboard. Imagine installing add-ons with a single click—v9.3 aims to make this a reality.

Spotlight on New Add-Ons in the Marketplace

April has brought some enticing new additions to our Marketplace, enhancing the functionality and customization options available for your Concrete CMS projects. Here’s a look at the standout additions this month:

Progress Bar

  • Compatibility: Ensure you're running version 9 or later before installation.
  • Price: Free
  • Description: This Bootstrap-based progress bar is a sleek addition to any site, perfect for visually representing data, loading statuses, or completion levels. It’s user-friendly and an excellent choice for beginners seeking to add dynamic content to their pages.

Text Animation

  • Compatibility: Version 9 compatible. Please verify before purchase.
  • Price: $15.00
  • Description: Elevate your site’s text with the Text Animation add-on, utilizing Typed.js to create captivating typewriter-like animations. This is a fantastic way to add a layer of sophistication and engagement to your textual content, ideal for intermediate users looking to spice up their web pages.

Magic Backgrounds

  • Compatibility: Check that you are using version 9 before integrating this add-on.
  • Price: $15.00
  • Description: Transform your site’s ambiance with Magic Backgrounds, leveraging the Jarallax plugin to introduce stunning visual effects. Whether it’s parallax scrolling or dynamic backgrounds, this add-on offers a mesmerizing experience for your users, making it a great tool for intermediate developers aiming to enhance the visual impact of their sites.

These add-ons enrich the visual appeal and functionality of your sites. As you explore these tools, remember to confirm their compatibility with your current Concrete CMS version to ensure seamless integration and an enhanced web experience. Explore these new tools and continue to build powerful, professional websites with ease.

Security Insights: Learning from Real-World Events

This month’s town hall also shared a compelling story highlighting the importance of security vigilance—a timely reminder that managing risks effectively doesn’t always mean preventing them entirely, but rather handling them with care when they occur.

In the Wild: Showcasing Real-Life Applications

We wrapped up with an inspiring showcase of Concrete CMS in action. Football Association of Ireland recently made by Limegreentangerine a switch from Drupal to Concrete, leveraging our platform’s robust features to manage diverse content sources and complex user interactions seamlessly.

As we continue to innovate and enhance the Concrete CMS experience, your participation and feedback are what drive us forward. Looking forward to what May brings, and as always, stay connected and keep building amazing things with Concrete!

Until next month, happy coding!

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