June 2024 Concrete CMS Monthly Round-Up

June 2024 Concrete CMS Monthly Round-Up

Jun 12, 2024
by jessicadunbar

Welcome to the Concrete CMS Monthly Round-Up for June 2024! We're excited to share the latest updates, community highlights, and upcoming events with our vibrant Concrete CMS community.

The highlight of this month has undoubtedly been the launch of our new Concrete CMS Marketplace. After months of hard work and anticipation, we're thrilled to see it live and thriving. The marketplace is already bustling with activity, with users purchasing, reviewing, and exploring the new add-ons and themes available. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in this project, especially those who navigated the initial setup challenges and provided valuable feedback.

Accessibility Webinar

Don't miss our upcoming webinar on web accessibility, scheduled for June 18th. This session will cover crucial topics like making websites accessible for people with reading difficulties and other challenges. Ensure you sign up through our blog to secure your spot and elevate your digital presence. Register Here

Community Shout-Outs

A huge thank you to all our contributors this past month. Your efforts in submitting code, reporting issues, and contributing documentation are invaluable. Special thanks to the PRB members, John Nor and Enlil, for their continuous support and positive attitude as we refine our marketplace processes.

  • Code: bikerdave, pszostok, aleksandr, mlocati, biplobice
  • Issues: gutig, hostco, donaier, parasek, csaeum, mlocati, nickratering, moriaiy, hissy, n5ts, stephendmalloy, prbt2016, newbish, TMDesigns, ashrestha-bros
  • Documentation (discussions): Luane

New Add-Ons: Zen Countdown

We are excited to introduce Zen Countdown by developer Darius Garis. This new package allows you to add a customizable countdown block to your Concrete CMS site, complete with options to display messages or redirect upon completion. Available for $15 a year, Zen Countdown is compatible with version 9+.

Zen Countdown $15

The Countdown block is a versatile tool that allows you to create dynamic countdown timers on your Concrete CMS website.

Behind the Blocks: Time Tracking Insights

In this month’s "Behind the Blocks," we discussed the evolution of our time tracking methods. Moving from traditional time tracking to a more reflective weekly log system has provided us with better insights and less daily hassle. This method encourages daily reflections on accomplishments and future plans, proving beneficial for project management and personal productivity.

Showcase: Marine Association Website

British Marine.jpg

Shout out to community members Nour Akalay and TM Designs for their impressive work on the Marine Association website. This site features a modern theme with functional elements like an events calendar, job opportunities section, and more, all built using core Concrete CMS functionalities.


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