Two weeks ago we explained how concrete5's versioning works. This week we are giving you an overview of all of our versioning including development versions.

Semantic Versioning

Beginning with version 8, concrete5 adheres to Semantic Versioning. More information found here:

The name of the software is concrete5 (yes, it still includes the 5.) The 8 is the major version number, followed by minor and patch versions. Consider this release:


This will be the first major release of version 8. We will write this as concrete5 8.0.0. Here, 8 is the major version number, with 0 as the minor and the patch version. The 8 signifies that there are backward-incompatible changes in store. Yes, there is still an upgrade, but some packages may be affected.

Minor Versions

When 8.1.0 comes out, that signifies that there backward-compatible feature updates.

Patch Versions

If 8.0.1, 8.0.2, 8.0.3, etc are released following 8.0.0, this implies that these releases fix bugs introduced in 8.0.0, and are backward compatible.

Development Versions

When publicly releasing preview versions of concrete5, concrete5 will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Any alpha releases are not stable, and features are continuing to be added. These are for preview and testing only. They are not guaranteed to be upgradeable, and are not guaranteed to upgrade cleanly over existing sites.
  • Any beta releases are not stable, but no new features are added. Bug fixes may be added. Under most circumstances, bug fixes should be limited to bugs in the new functionality; bug fixes for existing functionality ought to be limited to patch releases following the release of major new versions. Beta versions are also not guaranteed to be upgradeable, and are not guaranteed to upgrade cleanly over existing sites.
Any release candidate is offered as a potential release. As such, it is thought of as stable, but still may be pulled if significant issues are detected. No new features or bug fixes will be added. If any bug fix is added, a new release candidate should be created. Release candidates will have an upgrade path from a previous public version of concrete5.