Why Content Is Essential For Growth?

Why Content Is Essential For Growth?

Apr 8, 2022
by jessicadunbar

A famous adage used throughout the internet claims that "content is king." There is no denying that any website looking to expand its audience and reach should be looking to provide users with plenty of in-depth data and analysis.

Online content can help any business steadily grow and increase its audience while retaining loyalty from existing consumers. However, it's important to note that not all content is equal for business growth. Content quality matters as much as quantity.

Is all content good for a website?

It's a competitive market out there right now. The world was already shrinking thanks to technology, with competitors from the other side of the world becoming direct rivals to domestic businesses. In addition, the rise of social media and Google ensures it's easier than ever to spread the word about a brand. 

The most effective way to achieve this aim is through content. A well-planned, strategic approach to content will bolster your page ranking with Google, which aids organic SEO growth and provides material to repurpose for marketing campaigns.

Alas, substandard content is not an option. The internet is home to snap judgments and immediate responses, but it also has an enormous memory. Inferior content can tarnish a business reputation instantly, leading to desperate measures to recover what is left. Take the time to plan a content strategy, though, and your company will reap the rewards in terms of growth.

How does high-quality content aid business growth?

We have discussed how premium content can help a business grow. Let's dive a little deeper into this, exploring five core areas where content and business growth go hand-in-hand.

Content demonstrates value and expertise.

Any business wants to position itself as a source of expertise, experience, and excellence in its chosen field. Blog posts are arguably the ultimate form of low-cost, high-reward content that demonstrates these qualities. You can impress search engine algorithms and potential customers by sharing what you know in an engaging, compelling manner.

Millions of new blogs appear online each day, with an average word count of a little under 1,500 each post. The best of these blogs are eagerly read and acted upon by enthusiastic brand followers. It is not always easy to meet the expectations of Google and human users alike in the same blog. Master the skill, though, and your target audience will come to you.  

Just ensure that any content you provide – most notably blogs – do provide appropriate levels of expertise. Above all, retain relevance. If Google dismisses your blogs as 'thin content', your growth will drastically halt – possibly even reverse.

 Repurpose for social media.

If you're looking to grow your business, social media is the fastest way. With careful use of the many platforms at your disposal – most notably Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn – you can tailor your marketing to an increasing niche audience profile.

The downside to this approach is that social media PPC campaigns can get costly. If you're going to lose chunks of your conversion to commission fees, you'll be keen to avoid spending big on bespoke content for social media channels. 

The good news is that you won't need to. Create strong content and you can repurpose it – whether in chunks or wholesale – for countless posts. Prose is most effortless but think viral. Images, especially video, are likelier to capture the imagination and be shared far and wide.

Content bolsters SEO performance and page ranking.

Every internet search begins for the same reason. Somebody needs a product, service or the answer to a question, and they're hoping that Google (or another search engine) will provide the answer. 

In most cases, this will happen almost immediately. Over a quarter of people click the first result they find, which looks vaguely relevant, and the vast majority will not head past page one. This means that your business needs to carefully position content to land at the top of this first page.

Thankfully, Google typically loves long-form content, provided it meets specific criteria. One could drive themselves to the brink of madness attempting to stay ahead of Google's ever-changing algorithms, but the golden rule is to keep your content relevant to the topic at hand and factual. If you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field – primarily through blog posts – organic SEO growth is likely to follow.

Content enhances the reputation and awareness of your brand.

Brand awareness is among the most critical elements of running a business, especially online. In a crowded niche or marketplace, familiarity encourages consumers to stick with one company over another. Use your content to increase and maintain brand awareness.

Modern consumers, especially younger audiences, want to patronize businesses that share their personal beliefs. When using content to bolster brand awareness, do not sell a product or service. Instead, pull back the curtain on your business and invite users to understand your fundamental values. 

With Millennials and Generation Z famously active on social media, you'll soon have an army of inadvertent influencers conducting your marketing for you free of charge. Use your content to attract such conscientious patrons. This means that you'll not only enjoy regular and dedicated custom from established users but will likely be recommended to peers.

Content simplifies – and reduces costs during – the marketing process

We touched upon this above, but it cannot be understated how valuable and cost-effective a content marketing strategy can be for your business. At its heart, effective content marketing involves mastering everything we have already discussed. 

As mentioned, many users begin an online inquiry with a Google search. If your content answers this question or offers a solution to a pain point, you can potentially gain a new loyal follower of your brand. That's much more cost- and effort-efficient than chasing ghosts and hunting down potentially fruitless leads. 

The fiscal benefits of this approach may not arise immediately. However, the more users discover your business through content, the likelier they will return and convert later. This patience is at the heart of content marketing – and business growth.


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Joe has a passion for creating meaningful experiences. Through design he creates authentic and innovative digital products. 

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