Bridging the Nutritional Gap: Nourysh’s Success Story

Bridging the Nutritional Gap: Nourysh’s Success Story

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Nourysh, an emerging startup, was determined to create an innovative meal planning application. This application was designed to enable users to personalize meal plans and translate them into shopping lists. Initially, Nourysh built their website using Wix, a basic Content Management System (CMS). However, Wix's limitations became apparent, particularly in areas crucial for the application's success such as user login, subscription services, and interactive features.


The inadequacies of Wix were a major hurdle. It lacked the capability to support Nourysh's specialized meal planning software, which required a sophisticated user management system for paid subscriptions and interactive user functionalities. This limitation impeded Nourysh's ability to evolve from a static website to a dynamic, interactive platform. The inability to implement essential features such as user registrations, trial sign-ups, and meal plan personalization significantly hindered user engagement and the company's potential for growth.


Tim Macknelly, having connected with the Nourysh team at a university startup program, recommended a transition to Concrete CMS. This platform offered the robust user management system Nourysh required, along with the flexibility to build their meal planning application. The switch facilitated a seamless integration of user login, subscription models, and interactive meal planning. This allowed Nourysh to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that could be monetized and introduced to the market.

Post-transition, Nourysh experienced a remarkable increase in user engagement. The Concrete CMS platform enabled trial sign-ups and subscriptions, and allowed for more sophisticated data collection and analysis. This was crucial for understanding user interactions with the meal planning feature, rather than just tracking website visits.

Additionally, Concrete CMS provided an improved content management workflow. The Nourysh team, including five employees and two content editors, found the system user-friendly. It allowed for a structured workflow where meals added by staff were reviewed and approved before publication, a significant improvement over the previous ad-hoc method on Wix.

The project fostered a collaborative relationship between Tim Macknelly and Nourysh, characterized by regular meetings, remote working sessions, and in-person interactions for user testing and feedback collection.

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