Brooklands Museum

Brooklands Museum


Brooklands Museum's website was outdated and not effectively engaging users, leading to low visitor conversion rates. A new website was required to improve user experience, showcase exhibits and events, and attract more visitors. 


The old website's limitations made it difficult for users to navigate and access the wealth of content available at the museum. This resulted in low visitor conversion rates, and the museum was not effectively showcasing its amazing exhibits and events to its target audience.


Made Simple Media partnered with Premm Design to revamp Brooklands Museum's website using ConcreteCMS. The team worked closely with the museum's marketing team to develop a new sitemap that was easy to navigate and showcased the museum's amazing buildings, vehicles, objects, and events. The new website was designed to be flexible and easy to use, with a new color scheme that differentiated different sections of the site while maintaining the museum's brand.


The new website provided visitors with an immediate impression of how informative, fun, and exciting visiting Brooklands Museum would be. The website's flexible CMS empowered museum staff to easily make changes and updates to the site in-house, leading to a decrease in the bounce rate by over 20%. The new design has been going strong for over five years, and the pages per session increased by over 25%, resulting in a significant increase in traffic to the site. Overall, the revamped Brooklands Museum website has been a huge success, attracting more visitors and effectively showcasing the museum's amazing exhibits and events.

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