Rogers Behavioral Health

Rogers Behavioral Health

Industry Setting 

Rogers is a not-for-profit, independent provider of specialized mental health and addiction services for adults, teens, and children. Offering treatment in seven states, Rogers is one of the largest specialty behavioral healthcare systems in the U.S.

The Challenge

Part of the rebranding process included a migration from an existing Drupal install, which was difficult for a team of 10+ editors at seven locations to edit. Rogers Behavioral Health wanted to capture more and better quality data about its customers to provide a truly personalized customer experience. 


Rogers Behavioral Health needs an open-source content management system that is more user-friendly and easy to train new editors. 

Trivera continually adds advanced analytics, user, and A/B tests to make a data-driven decision-making approach and ensure a complete and accurate view of customer interactions.  

Results Rogers Behavioral Health reviewed the CMS market and reduced a long list of CMSs down to three.

  • Concrete CMS
  • Joomla!
  • WordPress

After Trivera took the Rogers Behavioral Health Marketing team through demos, reviewing the hosting support requirements and ease of use, the Rogers marketing team chose Concrete CMS.


Trivera harnessed the power of Concrete CMS to build customized themes, analytics, and search features and to streamline the content editing experience. Concrete’s flexibility enabled easy content editor capabilities to empower the Rogers Behavioral Health marketing team to create and update region-specific hospital pages as needed.

An ambitious new Concrete CMS website was created and launched with analytics tracking, followed by ongoing efforts to support the website with a search engine optimization and promotion plan. 

Data-Driven Design

Advanced analytics determined that people are concerned about out-of-pocket costs. As a result of analytics and UX research, an Insurance Pricing Calculator was created to help with transparency and help people know the price of a hospital service before receiving it.


Insurance Pricing Calculator Metrics

Average Time On Pages
Of users take action on the page


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