Frankford Umbrellas Intranet Portal

Frankford Umbrellas Intranet Portal


In a small town outside of Philadelphia, MCG Strategic, a brand creative technology business, was approached by a local manufacturing company–Frankford Umbrellas, facing a bottleneck in their operations. The manufacturer was entangled in a web of manual processes where customers and sales reps were forced to make phone calls or send emails to check inventory levels or order statuses. This old-school method was not only time-consuming but also led to missed sales opportunities, especially after working hours. The lack of real-time access to inventory and order status was a hurdle too high for a modern-day business to leap over each day.


The manual process was more than just a minor inconvenience. It was a gaping hole in the operational efficiency of the company, with sales reps and customers alike having to jump through hoops to get the information they needed. The lack of an efficient, user-friendly digital platform was costing the company significantly in terms of both time and potential sales. The tedious back-and-forths over phone or email were delaying sales confirmations, sometimes even resulting in lost sales. This operational ordeal was crying out for a digital intervention to streamline the process, make life easier for sales reps, and provide a better service to customers.

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Enter MCG Strategic with their expertise in Concrete CMS. They devised a digital solution tailored to Frankford Umbrellas needs, providing real-time access to inventory and sales order statuses. The new system, accessible anytime and anywhere, was a game-changer. 

Customers and sales reps could now check inventory levels and order statuses at their convenience, without having to wait for responses to emails or return calls. The new intranet portal integrated seamlessly with the existing ERP system, eliminating the need for additional licensing fees for user access. The custom-built solution also featured a unique magic link authentication, simplifying the login process while ensuring security. 


The portal provided valuable insights through a utilization report, enabling the company to monitor system usage and ensure its effectiveness. This data was crucial in making informed decisions for future improvements. The transition to this digital solution was not only a leap towards modernization but a giant step towards creating a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly environment for both customers and sales reps, aligning perfectly with the modern-day expectations of real-time access to critical business information. Portal Utilization.jpg

About MCG Strategic 

MCG Strategic specializes in producing creative brand technology solutions that are designed with the primary goal of positioning people for success. Everything they create serves to enable growth, improve organizational and customer efficiency, solve process challenges, provide data and operational insight, empower users, and encourage engagement and adoption of your services. They take the time to learn everything they can about you, your vision, your pains, and your successes – and they always consider your goals and strategies in the solutions they design. They are so much more than designers or software developers. At their core we are strategists, architects, and inventors that love helping people achieve great things.

Since its inception in 2010, MCG Strategic has produced work for regional, national, and global businesses in a variety of industries; from technology, B2B and financial to healthcare, education, and retail. They are a perfect fit for clients striving to grow and conduct business with innovation and a progressive vision.