Respirex International

Respirex International

Developed by Kalmoya & Made Simple Media


Respirex International, a world-leading supplier of personal protective solutions, was looking to expand its international outreach and growth. However, the company faced a challenge in managing its product catalog in multiple languages, which was hindering its ability to effectively reach its global audience.


The inability to effectively manage its product catalog in multiple languages affected Respirex International's ability to reach its international customers. The lack of a proper multi-language product management system resulted in inconsistencies in product information and pricing, leading to confusion among customers and hindering the company's growth potential in international markets.


To solve this challenge, Respirex International partnered with Made Simple Media and with help from Kalmoya to revamp its website and implement Concrete CMS's built-in multi-language features. Together they built a translation interface in the back-end to allow for easy entry of catalog information in multiple languages. They also used Concrete CMS's multi-language capabilities to display content in the correct language on the front-end. Additionally, they designed a multi-language front-end search engine, built atop Concrete tools.


The implementation of Concrete CMS's built-in multi-language features allowed Respirex International to effectively manage its product catalog in multiple languages, leading to better customer engagement and improved growth in international markets. The centralized team approach improved collaboration and efficiency in managing product information and pricing. This led to increased trust and confidence from customers in Respirex International's brands for excellence, reliability, and safety, which are critical in the personal protective equipment industry. Overall, Respirex International achieved its goal of expanding its international outreach and growth with the help of Kalmoya's and Made Simple Media's expertise and Concrete CMS's powerful multi-language product management tools.


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