Town Hall Roundup: Concrete CMS Updates and Exciting Changes

Town Hall Roundup: Concrete CMS Updates and Exciting Changes

May 15, 2024
by jessicadunbar

Hello Concrete CMS community! It’s time for our monthly roundup of the highlights from our latest Town Hall meeting held on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. This month, we covered significant updates and exciting changes that are shaping the future of our platform. Let’s dive in and see what’s new!

Version 9.2.9 and 8.5.17 Updates

We’ve released new versions 9.2.9 and 8.5.17 last week, and while these updates include some minor fixes, there are no major features or security updates. 

Marketplace Relaunch

One of the biggest announcements this month is the Marketplace relaunch, happening right now! We’ve moved all version 9 extensions from the old Marketplace to the new one. If you’re a developer, ensure your listings are connected to Stripe to facilitate seamless transactions. We’ve been working diligently to improve the Marketplace, and while it’s not perfect, it’s a substantial improvement over the previous version.

Migration and Licenses

If you have version 8 licenses, now is the time to download them as we won’t be selling version 8 licenses in the new Marketplace. We’re migrating recent purchases to the new platform, and if you upgrade to version 9.3, you’ll benefit from the new Marketplace features. For those unable or unwilling to upgrade, you can still access your recent purchases manually.

Community Contributions

A big shoutout to our community members for their contributions! Thanks to everyone who submitted code, reported issues, and contributed to our documentation. Your efforts keep the project moving forward. Here are some notable contributors:

  • Code:  donaier, BSalaeddin, ccmEnlil, biplobice, shahroq, mlocati
  • Issues: newbish, TMDesigns, ashrestha-bros, hdk0016, hissy, pvernaglia, studio108, donaier, cdmsolutions, moriaiy, simonchilton, n5ts, JohntheFish, meson11, BSalaeddin, KurtKeunen, shahroq

Behind the Blocks: Quarterly Client Meetings

Franz shared insights on the importance of quarterly client meetings. These sessions help us understand how clients are using Concrete CMS and identify opportunities for improvement. By asking targeted questions, we can uncover ways to enhance workflows and solve new problems, ensuring our clients get the most value from our platform.

PRB News

Show and Tell: State Library of Iowa

We showcased the State Library of Iowa’s website, built with Concrete CMS. This project features a cool interactive map displaying libraries across Iowa. It’s impressive to see our platform used effectively to manage extensive content and provide valuable resources to the community.

Final Notes

As we wrap up, a final reminder to download your version 8 extensions before the old Marketplace goes offline. Thank you for joining us in this month’s Town Hall. Stay tuned for more updates and keep contributing to our vibrant community. See you next month!