Educational Website Examples

Educational Website Examples

Feb 8, 2024
by jessicadunbar

In the ever-evolving realm of digital education, the interface between a school and its community is increasingly mediated through the digital landscape of its website. The importance of design and functionality in these digital platforms cannot be overstated, as they serve as the primary conduit for delivering content, engaging users, and showcasing the institution's ethos.

Through the prism of schools utilizing Concrete CMS, this exploration sheds light on how creativity married with robust education content management systems paves the way for exceptional educational websites. This journey into the digital forefront of education highlights institutions that exemplify high-quality design, seamless user experience, and a straightforward design ethos, all while leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) and strategic design elements to amplify visibility and foster user engagement. Checkout our higher education websites in this blog post.

Let's take a moment to ponder, "What makes an educational website not just good, but truly inspirational?"

The Digital Education Landscape

In the heart of this digital evolution, schools leveraging Concrete CMS stand out by seamlessly marrying creativity with robust content management systems. This union paves the way for exceptional educational websites that exemplify high-quality design, seamless user experience, and a straightforward design ethos. Through strategic use of SEO and design elements, these platforms amplify visibility and foster user engagement. 

Spotlight on Exemplary Websites

Coombe Bissett Primary School

Nestled in the heart of its community, Coombe Bissett Primary School's website is a beacon of vibrant engagement and educational transparency. Its interface, marked by user-friendly navigation and a palette of bright colors, invites exploration and discovery. The platform excels in articulating the school's core values, upcoming endeavors, and the latest news, positioning itself as an exemplary model for primary education websites. The dual presentation of visually appealing elements alongside a navigational structure that guides visitors through the school's lifeblood illustrates a commitment to making pivotal information accessible, thereby enriching the user experience for parents, students, and faculty alike.
The website of Coombe Bissett Primary School is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, designed to cater to the needs of its community with ease and efficiency. 


Coombe Bissett Primary School.jpgFeatures:

  • Calendar: The interactive calendar is a central feature, seamlessly integrating into the website's fabric. It serves as a dynamic tool for parents and students, offering an at-a-glance view of school activities, term dates, and special events. This real-time calendar ensures that the school community stays informed about upcoming events, fostering a sense of involvement and planning.
  • News and Events: A dedicated section for news and events acts as the pulse of Coombe Bissett Primary School's vibrant community. It highlights achievements, initiatives, and updates, providing a continuous stream of engaging content. This feature not only keeps the community abreast of the latest happenings but also celebrates the school's accomplishments, enhancing the sense of pride and belonging among students, parents, and staff.
  • Key Documents for Download: Accessibility to important information is made effortless through the key documents section, where users can download essential materials such as policies, newsletters, and admission forms. This feature underscores the school's commitment to transparency and ease of access, allowing parents and students to find necessary information without the need for physical visits to the school office.

St Paul's CofE Primary School

At St Paul's CofE Primary School, the digital platform stands as a testament to the institution's ethos, educational offerings, and community spirit. Its design, characterized by clarity and an intuitive layout, serves as a comprehensive window into the school's life, seamlessly marrying educational tools with direct resource links. This harmonious integration showcases the potential of school websites to act as vibrant hubs for their communities, underpinning the school's mission with a call to action that is as clear as it is engaging.
The website of St Paul's CofE Primary School beautifully encapsulates its commitment to providing a rich educational experience, mirrored through a well-structured and intuitive digital platform.

Here's a closer look at how each feature enhances the school's online presence:

  • Gallery: The gallery feature serves as a visual diary of the school's vibrant life, showcasing moments from various events, classroom activities, and school celebrations. This visual storytelling tool not only enriches the website's content but also allows prospective parents and students to glimpse the warm and engaging atmosphere that defines St Paul's. By sharing these moments, the school fosters a sense of community and belonging, making it clear that it is a place where memories are cherished and every student's journey is valued.

St Paul's CofE Primary School Home.jpg

  • Exam Info and Downloads: Accessibility to crucial academic resources is a cornerstone of St Paul's digital platform, particularly highlighted in the exam info and downloads section. Here, students and parents can access detailed information about examination schedules, preparation materials, and guidelines, all designed to demystify the exam process and support students in their academic endeavors. This feature underscores the school's dedication to academic excellence and its proactive approach to equipping its community with the tools they need for success.
  • Curriculum: Understanding the curriculum is key to appreciating the depth and breadth of the educational experience offered at St Paul's. The curriculum section provides a comprehensive overview of the subjects taught, the pedagogical approaches employed, and the learning objectives for each year group. This transparency ensures that parents are well-informed about the educational journey their children will embark on, reinforcing the partnership between the school and families in supporting student learning and development.

New Lenox School District 122

New Lenox School District 122 confronts the inherent challenge of addressing a diverse audience with a unified digital voice. The district portal emerges as a meticulously structured site that aggregates news, resources, and specifics from individual schools, demonstrating the quintessential role of school district portals in the modern educational content management landscape. The commitment to a high-quality design that bolsters SEO efficacy ensures that the portal stands out in search engine results, making it a pivotal resource for parents and students alike.

New Lenox School District 122's website is a prime example of how a district can effectively communicate with its community through a comprehensive and unified digital platform. Here's an in-depth look at how its features cater to the needs of its diverse audience:


New Lenox School District 122.jpg

  • 12 Individual School Websites:The district's approach to include dedicated websites for each of its 12 schools under the district's umbrella is exemplary. This feature allows each school to maintain its unique identity and community while ensuring consistency in quality and accessibility of information across the district. Parents and students can easily navigate to their specific school's site to find relevant news, updates, and resources, providing a tailored experience that meets the individual needs of each school's community.
  • Online Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling: The introduction of online parent-teacher conference scheduling is a testament to the district's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance communication and streamline processes. This feature simplifies the task of setting up meetings, making it more convenient for parents to engage with teachers and stay involved in their child's education. It not only saves time for both parents and staff but also encourages greater participation in these essential discussions.

Peaceful Schools

Peaceful Schools adopts a distinctive stance, championing the cause of peace and well-being within the educational sphere. The website emerges as a pivotal resource for educators and parents, brimming with tools, strategies, and narratives that inspire the creation of harmonious educational environments. This unique approach not only distinguishes the initiative but also underscores the transformative power of digital platforms in promoting educational philosophies.

The Peaceful Schools initiative stands as a beacon of innovation within the educational domain, leveraging its digital platform to disseminate a philosophy centered around peace and well-being. Here's an expanded look into the features that make its website a treasure trove of resources for educators, students, and parents alike:


Peaceful Schools.jpg

  • Free Downloads for Schools: The website offers an extensive library of free downloadable resources designed to foster peace and well-being in school settings. These resources range from lesson plans, activities, and workshops to guides on conflict resolution, mindfulness practices, and emotional intelligence training. By making these tools readily accessible, Peaceful Schools empowers educators to integrate peace education into their curricula, promoting a culture of empathy, understanding, and mutual respect among students.
  • News: The News section of the Peaceful Schools website is a dynamic and constantly updated repository of articles, success stories, and announcements related to peace education. This feature highlights the achievements of schools that have successfully implemented peace programs, shares insights from thought leaders in peace education, and keeps the community informed about upcoming events and initiatives. By showcasing real-world applications of its philosophy, Peaceful Schools inspires and encourages other institutions to embark on their journey toward creating more peaceful learning environments.

Wentworth Primary School

Wentworth Primary School leverages its digital presence to advocate for a comprehensive educational approach. The website is replete with insights into extracurricular engagement and student accomplishments, mirroring the institution's dedication to fostering the holistic development of its learners. This digital strategy underscores the school's commitment to nurturing individuals who are well-rounded and prepared for the complexities of the modern world.



  • Calendar: The calendar feature on the website serves as a crucial organizational tool for parents, students, and staff. It provides detailed information about upcoming events, holidays, and important dates, enabling effective planning and participation. A well-maintained calendar can enhance parental involvement and ensure the school community is aware of and can participate in school activities, meetings, and other significant events.
  • News: The news section of the website is an essential tool for communicating the school's achievements, events, and updates to parents, students, and the broader community. This section can showcase the dynamic and vibrant school environment, highlighting accomplishments in various domains such as sports, arts, and community service. Regular updates in this section can help build a sense of community and keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.



Kempenfelt Bay School

Kempenfelt Bay School's website is a testament to its forward-thinking educational approach, strategically utilizing its digital platform to reflect its commitment to nurturing future leaders through experiential learning and personal growth. Here’s how its standout features contribute to the school’s mission and facilitate community engagement:

Kempenfelt Bay School's website is a testament to its forward-thinking educational approach, strategically utilizing its digital platform to reflect its commitment to nurturing future leaders through experiential learning and personal growth. Here’s how its standout features contribute to the school’s mission and facilitate community engagement:


Kempenfelt Bay School Home.jpg

  • Admissions: The admissions section is a cornerstone of Kempenfelt Bay School's website, designed to streamline the process for prospective families. It offers comprehensive insights into the school's philosophy, application procedures, tuition details, and financial aid options. This section is crucial for making the admissions process transparent and accessible, helping families understand what sets the school apart and what it offers to its students. By providing clear guidelines and support through the admissions journey, Kempenfelt Bay School ensures a welcoming experience from the very first interaction.
  • Calendar: The calendar feature of the website acts as a dynamic tool for keeping the school community informed and engaged. It details upcoming events, academic schedules, and extracurricular activities, allowing parents, students, and staff to stay connected with the school's bustling life. This feature emphasizes the school’s vibrant culture and active participation in creating a well-rounded educational experience. A well-organized calendar is essential for fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring that the community is aware of and can participate in the myriad opportunities offered by the school.
  • Head's Blog: The Head's Blog is a unique aspect of Kempenfelt Bay School's website, offering personal insights from the school's leadership on educational philosophies, achievements, and the future direction of the institution. This blog serves as a direct line of communication between the head of the school and the wider community, providing reflections on educational trends, school developments, and the achievements of students and staff. It not only reinforces the school's values and mission but also builds a stronger connection with parents, students, and educators by sharing thoughtful perspectives on education and leadership.

Expanding the Digital Education Horizon

These educational institutions, each in their unique way, harness the capabilities of Concrete CMS to forge digital experiences that resonate with their communities. From the primary levels at Coombe Bissett and St Paul's CofE Primary School to the district-wide initiatives of New Lenox School District 122, the digital strategy employed is both diverse and unified in its aim to enhance educational delivery and community engagement. The peaceful ethos of Peaceful Schools, the holistic approach of Wentworth Primary School, and the innovative pedagogy at Kempenfelt Bay School each contribute to a broader understanding of how digital platforms can be optimized to reflect and advance institutional values.


This exploration of educational web design through the lens of Concrete CMS-equipped schools underscores a pivotal shift in how educational institutions engage with their communities in the digital age. By prioritizing user experience, embracing clear communication, and incorporating visually appealing design elements, these schools not only enhance their digital presence but also set new standards for educational websites. As the digital frontier of education continues to evolve, the insights and inspirations drawn from these examples will undoubtedly serve as a valuable resource for any institution looking to redefine its online engagement and educational delivery.