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Riskcare, a fintech company specializing in trading and risk technology, had an outdated website that was slow, had poor uptime, and was not very efficient. Additionally, there were accessibility issues with contrast and small text, and the website's wordy nature was not effective in communicating the company's message.


The previous website's issues impacted Riskcare's ability to effectively showcase its expertise in fintech innovation and attract potential clients. The poor uptime and slow page speed negatively affected user experience, leading to frustration and a loss of potential clients. The accessibility issues also made it difficult for some users to access the website's content.


Working with Riskcare, Made Simple Media developed a new sitemap, wireframed key pages, and designed a new website that addressed the previous website's issues. The new website incorporated a better level of contrast, well-sized text, and other technical considerations to improve accessibility. It was built using an up-to-date version of ConcreteCMS and was designed to be efficient and less text-heavy while still effectively communicating the company's message.


The new website was a huge success, with a sharp new design that effectively showcased the company's services and expertise. The improved accessibility and user experience led to increased engagement and retention of potential clients. The new website also matched the company's branding changes, provided a great mobile experience, and was more stable than the previous website. Overall, the website revamp allowed Riskcare to effectively communicate its message and expertise while providing a seamless user experience for potential clients.

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