Weekly Round-Up: Transforming Websites for Brooklands Museum and Riskcare

Weekly Round-Up: Transforming Websites for Brooklands Museum and Riskcare

May 25, 2023
by jessicadunbar

Welcome to this week's round-up, where we share two success stories of website transformations. Brooklands Museum and Riskcare, in collaboration with Made Simple Media.

Brooklands Museum faced the challenge of an outdated website that failed to engage visitors and showcase their exhibits effectively. By leveraging the expertise of Made Simple Media and Premm Design, they redesigned the website using Concrete CMS. The new user-friendly layout highlighted the museum's buildings, vehicles, objects, and events, attracting more visitors and increasing engagement with the exhibits.

Riskcare, a fintech company specializing in trading and risk technology, partnered with Made Simple Media to overcome challenges with their slow, unreliable website. Through this collaboration, they created an updated site with improved accessibility, a cleaner design, and updated technology. These enhancements allowed Riskcare to effectively communicate their expertise, enhance user experience, and attract more potential clients.

FranchiseMarket is an online platform powered by Concrete CMS that connects individuals seeking to open franchises in the Philippines. Their primary objective is to facilitate business growth and expansion by bridging the gap between franchisees and franchisors. Thank you Nour Akalay for the nice find!

These success stories demonstrate the transformative power of website redesigns. With the help of Made Simple Media, Brooklands Museum and Riskcare were able to transform life into their online presence, enhancing accessibility, and driving growth.