Extension Support

Our Marketplace Promise to You

Everything works.

Everything does what it says.

We’re excited you’re expressing yourself online with concrete, and we’re ecstatic that some of the add-ons and themes in the marketplace are helping you reach your goals. You have 30 days of included support with any purchase from our marketplace. An awful lot of work goes into making sure our marketplace is filled with good products, so if something does go wrong, we’re eager to make it right. 

What does support include?

  • Helping you install a theme and default content. 
  • Helping you install an add-on. 
  • Helping you understand what the extension does and doesn't do. 
  • Debugging an error or issue where the extension does not perform as expected/shown in the marketplace listing. 

What isn't really support?

  • Adding new features, even if they feel obvious to you. 
  • Changing things around so they meet your requirements.
  • Making different extensions work well with one another.
  • Building new code or content.

All these are fair things to need, and by all means reach out to the marketplace developer who wrote your extension. By in large our developers are small webshops that would love your new work. Please be sensitive to the time these professionals will need to spend to meet your new and unique needs. Quite often a theme or add-on is a great foundation for something special you'll be able to make together. 

If you feel you need a refund, you should follow our policy here.