Refund Policy

Our Marketplace Promise to You

Everything works.

Everything does what it says.

We’re excited you’re expressing yourself online with Concrete CMS and that some of the add-ons and themes in the marketplace are helping you reach your goals. You have 30 days of included support with any purchase from our marketplace. An awful lot of work goes into making sure our marketplace is filled with good products, so if something does go wrong, we’re eager to make it right. 

That being said, we are selling items that can't physically be returned, so we do need some rules around refunds from the marketplace. It's reasonable to think of our marketplace as a vetted bazar. We can promise you won't get ripped off. We just can't afford to give you a money back guarantee on everything you see for any random reason. 

You can request a refund if you are unable to get the add-on to work, or if the add-on does not perform as claimed on its marketplace page.

In addition, Certification Credits are not refundable, and Training Class purchases can only be refunded if the request is made more than 24 hours before the class start time. Hosting refunds are covered under our Standard Hosting SLA. 

Good Reasons for a Refund

It just doesn't work at all.

If you are unable to get the add-on to work, we want to fix that. Make sure you've watched the video on this installation help page. It's important you give the developer a chance to help you, so if that video didn't help, open a support ticket with the URL in your order email.

It doesn't work as claimed.

If you feel the add-on doesn’t perform as claimed, please open a support ticket explain what your expectations were and what led you to believe they would be met from the extension's pages. Every developer is responsible for their own description, so we need your help making sure things are being accurately communicated. We will not tolerate false or misleading claims or any shady marketing tricks. 

I'm getting mediocre support.

You are entitled to 30 days of help from the person who sold you this thing. If they're not being responsive, or being unhelpful in their responses - that's not good for anyone and we need to know. 


Bad Reasons for a Refund

  • I just decided I didn't need it.
  • I bought a few add-ons to compare.
  • I thought it would do something it doesn't.
  • I never asked for help.
  • I bought it well over 30 days ago.
  • It turns out I don't like websites.



  1. Ask for support from the extension's listing. Login with the account you purchased the product with and go back to the page in the marketplace. You should see a support link in the side nav. (There's also a direct link in your order email.)

  2. Work with the developer in that thread to try to resolve the issue.

  3. If the issue can not be resolved, ask the developer to approve a refund. 

  4. The add-on/theme developer can issue a refund which will give you a site credit here.

  5. You can use that site credit to buy something else, or make a withdrawal request from your My Account area to simply get your cash back. 

For marketplace transactions we're really filling the role of mediator, and we have to be fair to both sellers and customers. It is very important to us that people have a safe and valuable shopping experience in our marketplace and our refund policy is designed to ensure that is the case, while also being fair to our 3rd party developers. If you've got a case that just isn't working out, let us know and we will get involved. 

Note: Chargebacks are costly to us, and we reserve the right to deactivate anyone who files more than one chargeback instead of following this refund process.